December 22, 2008

National Haiku Day

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Pitch dark lingers deep
in the soul of the silence
snow falls, lights burn bright

burn log, light, candle!
greet the coming of the day
shadows, comfort me.



December 21, 2008

Fragment the First

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i won’t number them after this; i will try to find something more entertaining…

found on my voice recorder:

Ambivalence: doing a dance between life and death

Ambivalence: stay or leave, what’s left?

Ambivalence: is it really a choice

Ambivalence: this is my voice

200511181618 (code for when i wrote it)

almost embarrassing.

wordsmith, wordmaker and other non SEO words

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all the good names for what i am were taken. i am a wordsmith. it is the thing i am good at. i am also a worldbuilder of fantasy worlds, and a consumate entertainer, so long as you let me tell stories and don’t engage me in one to one interpersonal conversation or smalltalk. however, all the good names were gone so i settled for wordjinn, though what i do isn’t magic. for example, nonseo, which sounds a little like nonsense and is a joke on the preoccupation with SEO and all things marketing.

i am also good with computers (read toys) and animals. i am not good with humans, human movies or any form of eye contact. this sometimes makes people think i am dishonest. this is an unfortunate combination with my almost inability to lie.

hello world. this is where i am going to put all the fragments of things that i find on envelopes and my voice recorders (i think i have three). at least, those that don’t cause me total embarrassment. i like rewriting things, so you may also find some altered song lyrics, or lyrics set to a popular tune. i take reasonable requests, however, given the current chaos of my life, it may take a while for your product to appear.

i am working on caring about SEO.

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