January 16, 2009

What’s the Idea?

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This is my very own private journal. Since I don’t know how to get traffic, I get to be private. That’s good, that’s bad. So herein I will rant all my lovely ideas about the internet and how to use it for me.

First of all, if I am not in academia publishing, then I should be publishing here. That way people can find me and comment on my work and share ideas with me in a pseudoacademic environment (alas, which one isn’t?). So I need blogs in all my areas of interest: psychology and subsets thereof, and computers and subsets thereof. On my less professional sites I can wax poetic about Christmas and ballpoint pens.

So, I will use this blog to organize and manage the others. I should start with the psychology blog since I still want to find a teaching job. I should start with my philosophy of education. Or of teaching. I am not sure how to distinguish between the two. Also I should have some sort of online resume which includes links to fun and useful things like my Asperger’s information site, Was that a shameless plug or a bookmark? I will figure out how to get that link where it belongs.

I could use wordpress and Knol to do the professional blogs. Two sites is more than enough for me to handle. I need a place for my  unofficial theorizing Рnot sure where to put those Рmaybe another blog here.

That’s it for now. Another thing I am doing is not spending all my time in one place, so I have to move on to my next activity, either painting or some brain building thing. Or writing. I can’t forget Water Song. Don’t want my kin to get discouraged, though right now she’s got something she’s interested in. Yikes. It still looks like a lot, especially since now I realise I have forgotten things that I have yet to remember. Sigh.


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